• 4th Annual Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk

    Agape Youth Movement in partnership with the City of Tshwane and the National Library of South Africa (NLSA) hosted its 4th Annual Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk

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  • 1st Annual Durban and Jo’burg Youth Leadership Talks 2018

  • Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk 2017

  • Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk 2016

Youth Leadership Talks

The Youth Leadership Talks (YLT) are platforms designed for dialogue were young leaders from various sectors of the society discuss, to identify their leadership challenges. Through these dialogues, participants develop an intimate understanding and propose solutions to the current socio-economic challenges. In understanding the current systematic challenges, participants interrogate policy and give recommendations to both government and business.

Youth Leaders

The Youth Leadership Talks hosted over 5 thousand young leaders to speak about leadership.

City2City Talks

We have hosted 5 dialogues with over 900 participants in 4 provinces from June to September 2018.

Thought Leaders

The Youth Leadership Talks hosted 60+ incredible speakers from various sectors of society.


We have hosted 5 dialogues in 4 provinces

5 000

Over the past 4 years, we have hosted more than 5 000 participants in South Africa.


We’ve have over 50 incredible thought leaders across various sectors in South Africa


9 thought-provoking discussions around the empowerment and transformation of South African youth.

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Youth Leadership Talks in Pictures

Have a look at the Youth Leadership Talks we have hosted in the past 4 years

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